A Week of Innovation and Global Collaboration at the 22nd Acrex India Exhibition

A Week of Innovation and Global Collaboration at the 22nd Acrex India Exhibition

This past week marked an exceptional chapter for MSHRIY, as we actively participated in the 22nd edition of Acrex India, one of the most prominent exhibitions in the HVAC sector. The event, held in India, showcased a myriad of innovations and cutting-edge technologies and served as a source of inspiration for industry professionals from around the globe.

The focus of this year’s Acrex India was on advancements in the HVAC sector, underscoring the pivotal role it plays in shaping a better future and a better world. We were not only privileged to be a part of this significant event but also honored to contribute to the dialogue surrounding the latest developments in our industry.


Acrex India proved to be a truly international affair, attracting participants from over 40 countries, including Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Netherlands, UAE, UK, Ukraine, and the USA. This global gathering provided a unique opportunity for us to engage with industry professionals, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations on an international scale.

Representing iSMA CONTROLLI at the event was Oleksandr Zdir, who traveled from Poland to India. His dedication and efforts significantly contributed to our presence at Acrex India, as he supported MSHRIY during the exhibition.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next edition of Acrex India. The event serves as a vital platform for staying abreast of the latest trends, networking with industry leaders, and showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence. As we reflect on the fruitful week that was, we extend our gratitude to the organizers of Acrex India and express our enthusiasm for the continued growth and collaboration within the HVAC sector.

At MSHRIY, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and contributing to the advancement of the HVAC industry. Acrex India has further fueled our passion for excellence, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to shape the future of HVAC solutions on a global scale.

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