iSMA Android Application

iSMA Android Application, HTML-based controllers managmenent platform for seamless device access throughout the building.

One Platform to Support all Controllers
The iSMA Android Application is dedicated to small and medium sized buildings to simplify the operation and management of multiple installations in the building. It facilitates a direct access to controllers based on a web server.

Instant Access Throughout the Building
Log in to each controller separately using an auto-login feature, and set one main controller as a home station to access it directly when the application starts. To provide local security and still support instant access, each controller can be protected with a PIN code. No need to remember IP address, username, and password, the application does it for the user.

Kiosk Mode
The application can be set in a password-protected Kiosk mode to exclude access to the Android system and other applications.

Import/Export Settings and Remote Access
Settings of the application can be easily exported for the straightforward configuration of multiple Android panels. The application can be managed remotely thanks to a Rest API support.

Multilanguage Support
The application supports multiple languages including EN, DE, CZ, IT, HU, LV, PL.

Key Features
Add credentials for multiple users/stations
Credentials are saved in the application, there is no need to reenter each time the user wants to login
PIN protection for instant controller access
Home station – possibility to mark one of the added connections as home station, in this case, the app will automatically log into it
Kiosk mode – the application blocks possibility to use any other programs on a device
Application is set up as the default startup application
Import/export option – possibility to import and export all settings and added connections to/from a file
Different language options
REST API commands for remote control

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