Wireless bridge for Modbus RTU/ASCII with built-in 2 SI and 2 DO.

Wireless Modbus
Eliminate a need to run RS485 cables with the wireless technology offered by the W0202 module. This powerful device acts as a bridge for Modbus RTU/ASCII devices, and with its high power and high-sensitivity wireless transmission technology it provides a reliable communication. The 8-channel radio gives you the ability to build a mesh network with many devices connected.

Onboard Inputs and Outputs
The device is equipped with 2 special inputs and 2 digital outputs that can be controlled with Modbus RTU/ASCII master device.

2 Special Inputs
Take advantage of the special input with support for the most popular types of temperature sensors, ability to read voltage, resistance, current, and dry contact measurements with a fast pulse counter saving up to 100 pulses per second directly to the EEPROM memory.

2 Digital Outputs
Digital outputs equipped with normally open 3 A relays allow for direct control without additional relays.

Built-in HVAC and Light Applications
Light, cooling, and heating configurable algorithms make the module applicable as a standalone controller.

Power Up with mini USB Port
A mini USB port allows configuring the device without the use of an external power supply (the device is powered through the USB port). This solution gives the user an easy way, using 2 laptops, to carry out the tests within the existing facility.

Made for Retrofits
W0202 has been built to allow an extension of the RS485 bus using a wireless technology wherever the use of network cable is impossible or unprofitable. The use of two W0202 allows for building the wireless bridge for the RS485 by building a wireless remote island (one or more) for devices to communicate via Modbus RTU/ASCII.

Versatile Device in a Compact Housing
A wireless Modbus bridge for serial devices, I/O module, and configurable controller, packed in a compact size with DIN rail mounting, is suitable for even the smallest control panels.


Technical Specification


2 Special Inputs (SI)
Temperature input: 10K3A1, 10K4A1, Carel 10K, 20K6A1, 2.2K3A1, 3K3A1, 30K6A1, SIE1, TAC1, SAT1.
Resistive input 0-1000 kΩ
Voltage input 0-10 V DC
Current input 0-20 mA
Dry contact input
Fast pulse counter up to 100 Hz saved in the EEPROM memory

2 Digital Outputs (DO)
NO Relay output
Resistive load max. 3 A at 230 V AC / 30 V DC
Inductive load max. 75 VA at 230 V AC / 30 W at 30 V DC

Wireless Modbus bridge
mini USB type B interface
Free software iSMA Configurator

Power Supply
24 V DC ± 20%
24 V AC ± 20%

More Information
Power supply24 V AC, 24 V DC
Digital outputs2
Inputs typeSpecial
Outputs typeDigital
Controller typeProgrammable
Communication protocolModbus RTU/ASCII, Wireless Modbus


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