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DALI lighting and blind/shutter configurable controller with Modbus RTU communication.

Experience our Light and Blind Controller
To minimize time and simplify the commissioning process, the 2D1B controller is delivered with a built-in application, which supports the most popular light and blind/shutter motor control in a single space in a building. The controller is dedicated to controlling two separate DALI light areas with up to 32 DALI ballasts.

2 Special Inputs
Built-in two special inputs are designed to control the light via connected motion sensors or presence detectors.

4 Digital Inputs
There are onboard four dry contact inputs:
2 digital inputs for control of the light by connected monostable or bistable switches
2 digital inputs for double switch connection to control blind/shutter up and down movement.

2 Light Outputs
The device is equipped with two fuse protected light outputs 230 V AC, with a maximum 4 A load. The outputs can work in two defined via DIP switches modes: DALI or ON/OFF.

1 Blind Output
The 2D1B controller has one double blind output dedicated for a blind/shutter control. The double 230 V AC blind output allows for controlling the up and down movement of the blind/shutter.

24 V DC Power Supply Output
The device is equipped with a 24 V DC output for providing power for motion sensors or presence detectors, which demand an additional supply.

Open Communication
The 2D1B controller is equipped with RS485 interfaces with open protocol Modbus RTU/ASCII. You can connect up to 128 devices on one bus.

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning Process
The 2D1B controller is ready for operation out of the box, you just have to configure the controller using built-in DIP switches.


Technical Specification


Hardware Specification
ARM Cortex-M4 processor
RS485 interface
2 separate DALI interfaces – supplying power for up to 16 DALI ballasts
mini USB type B interface
DIP switches for configuration
Status LED indicators
DIN rail mounted

2 Special Inputs (SI)
Dry contact input dedicated for motion or presence sensors

4 Digital Inputs (DI)
Dry contact inputs
2 digital inputs for light control
2 digital inputs for blind/shutter control

2 light outputs, max. 4 A
1 motor output, 230 V AC max. 1.5 A
1 power supply output, 24 V DC max. 80 mA


Power Supply
230 V AC

More Information
Power supply230 V AC
Digital inputs4
Inputs typeDigital, Special
Controller typeConfigurable
Communication protocolDALI, Modbus RTU/ASCII


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