Temperature and relative humidity transmitter for duct
Probe length 200 mm
Output signal 0 ÷ 10 Vdc / Ohm (temp. Balco) (3 + 2 wires)
IP55 protection rating

The relative humidity transmitters, also available combined with temperature sensor, are used in air conditioning system for the measurement of relative humidity. They measure the relative humidity value to be measured by a capacitive sensitive element whose signal, suitably linearized and amplified, is transformed into a voltage signal (0..10 V) or current (4..20 mA ) at the terminals of output.
in models with temperature sensor the sensing element is constituted by a resistance Balco, NTC (10 kΩ) or PTC (1 kΩ).

MeasureRelative Humidity, Temperature
Sensing elementNTC 10 kOhm
T Fluid min [°C]0
T Fluid max [°C]50
Power supply15 to 25 V DC, 24 V AC
Output signal0÷10 Vdc


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