MSHRIY has a variety of services, processes and technologies that can help you implement a life cycle management program in your facility.

A properly designed support program consists of many different, yet highly inter-related elements that provide life cycle management of your facility and the assets within, thereby ensuring maximum return on your investment, as well as increased operating efficiency and productivity, resulting in the lowest possible operating cost.

Our Managed Services Offerings

Alarm Monitoring & Help Desk

Building Performance Analysis

Managed Services Strategies & Benefits Include

Improving the quality and productivity of the workforce

Deploying the latest systems faster, with less cost and risk

Obtaining better metrics and performance measurements

Complying with documentation more efficiently and accurately

Delegating energy management for savings and sustainability

Ensuring maintenance of capital assets

Indoor Air Monitoring

Regular monitoring and follow-up of air quality indicators such as temperature, pressure, CO2 or CO levels, and occupied air changes.

  • Remotely performed and reported via Web interface.
  •    Remote alarms and emails for quick response to violations.

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