iSMA Analytics

iSMA Analytics package is native to iSMA Supervisor and products powered by Niagara, offering data source, functional and mathematical programming blocks that enable sophisticated analytic algorithms.

Get More Insight From Your Analytics Data
As your devices and systems communicate with each other, they generate data. iSMA Analytics gives that data power by simplifying the implementation of advanced analytic algorithms. iSMA Analytics gives you the real-time business intelligence you need to make smarter, swifter decisions and improve operations with less time, less work, less waste, and less expense. You can run analyses, generate reports and create algorithms that refine your controls programming in a workflow customized to your needs and site.

iSMA Analytics can be performed on real-time data from an embedded controller or on historical information that you’ve already saved. As soon as the iSMA Analytics package is installed, you can simply drop in an algorithm from a library and update the algorithm’s data source tags to get started.

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