FCU Updater

FCU Updater, a Windows-based freeware configuration tool made for FCU controllers and wall panels.

Multiple Device Management
The FCU Updater is a free software designed to manage multiple FCU controllers to facilitate the maintenance of new and existing sites.

Simple and Time-saving
FCU Updater is designed to guarantee the highest level of security against losing an existing application loaded on devices before any changes are made. The program always automatically backs up the application by downloading it to the local computer where it is running. In addition, the program always checks the compatibility of the FCU controller’s firmware with the uploaded application before sending them to the controller.

Manage Each Project at Once
FCU Updater is a project-oriented application, which means that whole network configuration parameters, iSMA-B-FCU controllers with their application backups, and firmware versions are stored locally inside the project folder for later reuse.

Key Features
Project management
Uploading the latest firmware versions
Uploading new firmware to devices
Uploading default or custom applications to devices
Backing up an existing device application to a local PC
Restore a previously saved application to one or more devices
Resetting a device
Restore default settings on multiple devices
Starting/stopping the SOX protocol to support programming with the iSMA Tool
Viewing internal logs on the console

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