Modbus I/O module with 4 digital inputs, PNP or NPN type. Built-in FRAM memory for saving counters.

Modbus I/O Module
SfAR-1M-4DI-M is designed for applications with flowmeters, thanks to its counting feature with saving to FRAM memory. Perfect choice for applications with a need for counting or timing of digital inputs state.

4 Digital Inputs
The module has 4 digital inputs (DI). Digital inputs can work as fast pulse counters with up to 1000 counts per sec, or timers measuring the ON state and also offering a possibility to connect 2 encoders. SfAR-S-16DI-M comes with a FRAM memory, allowing a user to save states of counters or timers in case of power loss. Digital inputs support both PNP and NPN input types. All inputs are isolated from the RS485 and power supply.

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning Process
A built-in RS485 interface allows an easy connection over the Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol. A 32-bit ARM core processor provides fast processing and communication.
The module is equipped with a set of LEDs used to indicate the status of I/Os, power supply, and RS485 communication.
Configuration of the module is carried out with our free software, the SfAR Configurator. A built-in mini USB allows for performing a primary configuration of the unit without an additional power supply.


Technical Specification


Hardware Specification
RS485 interface
mini USB type B interface
Status LED indicators
DIN rail mounted

4 Digital Inputs (DI)
Counter and timer functions
Up to 2 encoders support
FRAM memory
Opto-isolated from RS485 and power supply

Free software – SfAR Configurator

Power Supply
10-38 V DC ± 20%
10-28 V AC ± 20%

Inputs typeDigital
Communication protocolModbus RTU/ASCII
Power supply10 to 28 V AC, 10 to 38 V DC
Digital inputs4


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