iSMA EC 2D Graphics

iSMA EC 2D Graphics library is a comprehensive high quality graphics library for HVAC applications operating in the Niagara Framework environment.

Easy-to-read Graphics Library
The library introduces a wide range of high quality 2D graphical widgets that represent building systems and equipment that is used to visualise a building system. The graphic design is light, clear and allows for an immediate creation of a system visualisation.

Compatible with Niagara 4
The EC 2D Graphics library is designed to run on devices with the Niagara Framework version 4.4 and above.

Exclusive for MAC36NL
Every MAC36NL comes licensed with the EC 2D Graphics library with no additional cost.

All-in-one Solution for HVAC
The library covers HVAC related equipment such as heating, cooling, air handling, and other building control devices like lighting, metering, piping, and motion detection.

Demo Station
To simplify and accelerate a process of creating visualizations, the demo station has been prepared with real-life application examples that can be easily copied between the stations.

Developed in Cooperation with EnergyCare
The EC 2D Graphics library has been developed in cooperation with EnergyCare, a supplier of software and hardware solutions for open Building Management Systems.

Key Features
Designed to be used with devices powered by Niagara 4 Framework
Library licensed exclusively for MAC36NL series
A comprehensive range of images, including HVAC equipment, fans, meters, pumps, and more
Equipment enabling the creation of high quality, modern, and colored 2D graphics representing plant items and devices
Available in blackline and whiteline

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