iC Tool

iC Tool, programming tool for devices driven by the nano EDGE ENGINE

The iC Tool is a free programming tool dedicated to all devices based on the nano EDGE ENGINE software engine. The iC Tool is a Windows-based software for commissioning, real-time programming, updating, and managing the supported nano EDGE ENGINE devices.

Efficient creating and managing of controller’s applications:
The iC Tool is based on libraries with dedicated control blocks, which can be used conveniently on a wire sheet to create any user application. It allows to manage libraries using the Software Manager.

Straightforward access to the Applications, Networks, Services, and System containers:
The iC Tool presents a clear device structure of the nano EDGE ENGINE—the Applications, Networks, Services, and System containers, which provide simple management of applications, network parameters, and device settings.

Friendly user interface:
The iC Tool offers native access to all device settings and configurations, enabling device updates and troubleshooting. The iC Tool offers a user-friendly interface divided into four fully customizable windows. The Workspace Tree for multi-site management, Device Libraries for seamless library access, Object Properties for one-click component configuration, and the Main Screen window for developing and managing the application.

Key Features:
Free for all users
Real-time programming of supported nano EDGE ENGINE devices
Wire sheet programming based on control blocks
Clear and logical structure
Multi-workspace support
Software Manager for OS and libraries management
User-friendly interface
Dedicated libraries
Online Help platform
Updates information pop-up
Multilanguage support

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