Modbus I/O module with 8 analog inputs and 2 digital outputs. Power supply 12-24 V DC.

Modbus I/O Module
SfAR-S-8AI2DO is designed to be applied wherever multiple sensors are required. Thanks to 2 digital outputs and pre-installed logic in the module, it can not only be used as a PLC I/O extension, but also as a standalone application controller.

6 Analog Inputs & 2 Digital Outputs
The module has 8 analog inputs (AI) and 2 digital outputs (DO). Analog inputs can work in 7 modes as voltage or current inputs. Digital outputs are NPN transistor outputs. All inputs and outputs are isolated from the logic with optoisolators.

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning Process
A built-in RS485 interface allows an easy connection over the Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol. A 32-bit ARM core processor provides fast processing and communication.
The module is equipped with a set of LEDs used to indicate the status of I/Os, power supply, and RS485 communication.
Configuration of the module is carried out with our free software, the SfAR Configurator. A built-in mini USB allows for performing a primary configuration of the unit without an additional power supply.
To simplify the installation, the module has been equipped with the Quick Connector system. Using a dedicated SfAR-S-LINK cable allows for connecting up to 10 modules, which provide both RS485 communication and external power supply.


Technical Specification


Hardware Specification
RS485 interface
mini USB type B interface
Status LED indicators
DIN rail mounted
Quick Connector system

8 Analog Inputs (AI)
0-1 V, -1-1 V, 0-10 V, -10-10 V
0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, -20-20 mA
Counter and timer functions
Up to 2 encoders support
Opto-isolated from RS485 and power supply

2 Digital Outputs (DO)
30 V DC, 500 mA
Opto-isolated from RS485 and power supply

Dedicated TCP/IP to Modbus RTU/ASCII gateway device, SfAR-S-ETH
Free software – SfAR Configurator

Power Supply
10-38 V DC ± 20%
10-28 V AC ± 20%

Outputs typeDigital
Inputs typeAnalog
Communication protocolModbus RTU/ASCII
Power supply10 to 28 V AC, 10 to 38 V DC
Analog inputs8
Digital outputs2


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